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American International College
Springfield, MA
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Kappa 1977-1977

Babson College
Wellesley, MA
February 1-5, 2017
Campus Total=95 (Spring 2016)
Quota Last Year=28
Registered PNMs=
Sigma Kappa Zeta Zeta 1976 (28)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Alpha 1980 (30)
Chi Omega Sigma Mu 2005 (29)

Bentley College
Waltham, MA
February 2017
Campus Total=70
Quota Last year=
Alpha Phi Zeta Rho 1982 (37)
Delta Phi Epsilon Epsilon Tau 1988-2013
Gamma Phi Beta Epsilon Phi 1991
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Delta 1991
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Omega

Boston University
Boston, MA
January 12-15, 2017
Campus Total=160
Quota last year=47?
Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi 1882-1971
Alpha Phi Eta Deuteron 1883-1970/1984 (50)
Gamma Phi Beta Delta 1887-1970/1985 (50)
Delta Delta Delta Alpha (Founding Chapter) 1888-1970/1984 (36)
Pi Beta Phi Massachusetts Alpha 1896-1985
Sigma Kappa Delta 1904-?/? (47)
Alpha Delta Pi Rho 1911-1965/1987 (50)
Zeta Tau Alpha Rho 1912-1934/1959-1968
Alpha Gamma Delta Nu 1913-1961
Alpha Sigma Alpha Theta Theta 1921-?
Theta Phi Alpha Eta 1921-1970
Theta Upsilon Theta 1924-1936
Phi Sigma Sigma Beta Gamma 1941-1966

Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Chi 1951-1974/1985 (50)
Sigma Delta Tau Alpha Xi 1958-1962/1986 (47)
Delta Gamma Zeta Zeta 1988 (50)
Kappa Delta Eta Phi 2010 (48)
Kappa Alpha Theta Eta Chi 2012 (47)

Brandeis University
Waltham, MA
Sigma Delta Tau Delta Gamma 1995-?/?
Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Psi 1997 (11)

Bridgewater State College
Bridgewater, MA
January 27-29, 2017
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=20?
Gamma Phi Beta Epsilon Eta 1987 (24)
Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Iota 1989 (20)
Theta Phi Alpha Beta Mu 1991-2008
Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma Iota 2010 (24)
Alpha Sigma Tau Epsilon Sigma 2014 (22)

Emerson University
Boston, MA
September 2015
Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Alpha 1991
Phi Sigma Sigma Theta Kappa 1994-?

Fitchburg State College
Fitchburg, MA
September 2016
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Rho 1992 (13)
Sigma Sigma Sigma Zeta Upsilon 1995
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Psi 2004 (23)

Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
February 2017
Campus Total=155
Quota Last Year=47
Registered PNMs=
Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Xi 1993 (51)
Delta Gamma Zeta Phi 1994 (36)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Eta Theta 2003 (51)
Alpha Phi Iota Tau 2013 (51)

Lasell Seminary
Auburndale, MA

Kappa Kappa Gamma Tau 1880-1882

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
September 2016
Campus Total=136 (Fall 2015)
Quota Last Year=36
Registered PNMs=
Alpha Phi Zeta Phi 1984 (26)
Alpha Chi Omega Theta Omicron 1986 (28)
Sigma Kappa Theta Lambda 1989
Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Mu 1991 (26?)
Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Epsilon 1995 Did not participate in formal recruitment
Pi Beta Phi Massachusetts Gamma 2008 (23?)
Delta Phi Epsilon Zeta Delta 2015

Merrimack College
North Andover, MA
February 2017
Campus Total=
Theta Phi Alpha Beta Psi 1993 (16)
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Phi 2001
Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Omicron 2001 (33)

New England Conservatory of Music
Boston, MA

Alpha Chi Omega Zeta 1895-1950

North Adams State College
(Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts)
North Adams, MA

Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Epsilon 1992-?
Alpha Sigma Alpha Zeta Delta 1993-?

Northeastern University
Boston, MA
September 2016
Campus Total=141 (Fall 2015)
Quota last year=35
Registered PNMs=
Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Pi 1969-1973
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Chi 1969-1977

Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Eta 1969
Delta Zeta Xi Upsilon 1989
Sigma Delta Tau Gamma Mu 1989
Alpha Epsilon Phi Phi Omega 1990
Sigma Sigma Sigma Epsilon Chi 1991
Kappa Delta Eta Kappa 2008
Kappa Kappa Gamma Eta Omicron 2010
Sigma Kappa Kappa Omega 2013 (30)
Chi Omega Epsilon Mu 2016

Salem State University
Salem, MA
Phi Sigma Sigma Iota Pi 2012
Theta Phi Alpha Delta Eta 2016

Suffolk University
Boston, MA
Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Beta 1970-?
Theta Phi Alpha Gamma Lambda 2006
Alpha Sigma Alpha Iota Alpha 2016

Tufts University
(Jackson College)
Medford, MA
January 2017
Campus Total=123
Quota Last Year=55?
Registered PNMs=
Alpha Xi Delta Lambda 1907-1957
Alpha Omicron Pi Delta 1908-1969/1987
Chi Omega Chi Alpha 1910-1971/1977
Sigma Kappa Omicron 1913-1956/1977-1980
Phi Sigma Sigma Beta 1918-?
Delta Zeta Delta Iota 1956-1970

Alpha Phi Zeta Theta 1978
Kappa Alpha Theta Eta Psi 2013

University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA
September 2016
Campus Total=109-110
Quota last year=44
Chi Omega Iota Beta 1941 (48)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Nu 1942 (41)
Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma Eta 1943-1979
Pi Beta Phi Massachusetts Beta 1944-1973

Sigma Kappa Beta Eta 1944 (41?)
Sigma Delta Tau Psi 1945 (45)
Alpha Chi Omega Delta Mu 1961 (41)
Sigma Sigma Sigma Gamma Iota 1963-1998/Colony Fall 2016 (105)
Delta Zeta Xi Alpha 1981-2006
Phi Mu Beta Omicron 1984-1990

Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Beta 1991 (39)

University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
North Dartmouth, MA
September 2016
Campus Total=
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Delta 1987
Phi Sigma Sigma Theta Sigma 1997

University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Lowell, MA
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Tau 1975
Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Omega 1983-1987

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA
October-November 2016
Campus Total=128
Quota Last Year=33?
Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Iota 1977
Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Omicron 1979-?
Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Zeta 1980
Alpha Xi Delta Iota Xi 2007
Alpha Phi Iota Omicron 2011
Chi Omega Theta Mu 2014

Alpha Gamma Delta
Boston University Nu 1913-1961
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Zeta Zeta 1980

Alpha Delta Pi
Boston University Rho 1911-1965/1987

Alpha Epsilon Phi
Boston University Alpha Chi 1951-1974/1985
Northeastern University Phi Omega 1990
Emerson University Beta Alpha 1991
University of Massachusetts Beta Beta 1991
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Beta Epsilon 1995

Alpha Xi Delta
Tufts University Lambda 1907-1957
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Iota Xi 2007

Alpha Omicron Pi
Tufts University Delta 1908-1969/1987
Northeastern University Chi Pi 1969-1973

Alpha Sigma Alpha
Boston University Theta Theta 1921-?
Bentley College Epsilon Omega
North Adams State College Zeta Delta 1993-?

Suffolk University Iota Alpha 2016

Alpha Sigma Tau
Northeastern University Alpha Chi 1969-1977
University of Massachusetts - Lowell Beta Tau 1975
American International College Beta Kappa 1977-1977
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth Gamma Delta 1987
Merrimack College Gamma Phi 2001
Fitchburg State College Gamma Psi 2004
Bridgewater State University Epsilon Sigma 2014

Alpha Phi
Boston University Eta 1883-1970/1984
Tufts University Zeta Theta 1978
Bentley College Zeta Rho 1982
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Zeta Phi 1984
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Iota Omicron 2011
Harvard College Iota Tau 2013

Alpha Chi Omega
New England Conservatory of Music Zeta 1895-1950
University of Massachusetts Delta Mu 1961
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Theta Omicron 1986

Gamma Phi Beta
Boston University Delta 1887-1970/1985
Bridgewater State College Epsilon Eta 1987
Bentley College Epsilon Phi 1991

Delta Gamma
Boston University Zeta Zeta 1988
Harvard College Zeta Phi 1994

Delta Delta Delta
Boston University Alpha (Founding Chapter) 1888-1970/1984

Delta Zeta
Tufts University Delta Iota 1956-1970
University of Massachusetts Xi Alpha 1981-2006

Northeastern University Xi Upsilon 1989

Delta Phi Epsilon
Northeastern University Phi Eta 1969
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Phi Omicron 1979-?
University of Massachusetts - Lowell Phi Omega 1983-1987
Bentley College Epsilon Tau 1988-2013

North Adams State College Beta Epsilon 1992-?
Brandeis University Beta Psi 1997
Bridgewater State University Gamma Iota 2010
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Zeta Delta 2015

Zeta Tau Alpha
Boston University Rho 1912-1934/1959-1968
Merrimack College Kappa Omicron 2001

Theta Phi Alpha
Boston University Eta 1921-1970
Bridgewater State College Beta Mu 1991-2008

Merrimack College Beta Psi 1993
Suffolk University Gamma Lambda 2006
Salem State University Delta Eta 2016

Kappa Alpha Theta
University of Massachusetts Gamma Eta 1943-1979
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Zeta Mu 1991
Harvard College Zeta Xi 1993
Boston University Eta Chi 2012
Tufts University Eta Psi 2013

Kappa Delta
Northeastern University Eta Kappa 2008
Boston University Eta Phi 2010

Kappa Kappa Gamma
Lasell Seminary Tau 1880-1882
Boston University Phi 1882-1971

University of Massachusetts Delta Nu 1942
Babson College Zeta Alpha 1980
Harvard College Eta Theta 2003
Northeastern University Eta Omicron 2010

Pi Beta Phi
Boston University Massachusetts Alpha 1896-1985
University of Massachusetts Massachusetts Beta 1944-1973

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Gamma 2008

Sigma Delta Tau
University of Massachusetts Psi 1945
Boston University Alpha Xi 1958-1962/1986
Northeastern University Gamma Mu 1989
Brandeis University Delta Gamma 1995-?/?

Sigma Kappa
Boston University Delta 1904-?/?
Tufts University Omicron 1913-1956/1977-1980
University of Massachusetts Beta Eta 1944
Babson College Zeta Zeta 1976
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Theta Lambda 1989
Northeastern University Kappa Omega 2013

Sigma Sigma Sigma
University of Massachusetts Gamma Iota 1963-1998/2016
Northeastern University Epsilon Chi 1991
Fitchburg State College Zeta Upsilon 1995

Phi Mu
University of Massachusetts Beta Omicron 1984-1990

Phi Sigma Sigma
Tufts University Beta 1918-?
Boston University Beta Gamma 1941-1966
Suffolk University Gamma Beta 1970-?

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Gamma Iota 1977
Bridgewater State College Epsilon Iota 1989
Bentley College Zeta Delta 1991
Fitchburg State College Zeta Rho 1992
Emerson University Theta Kappa 1994-?
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth Theta Sigma 1997
Salem State University Iota Pi 2012

Chi Omega
Tufts University Chi Alpha 1910-1971/1977
University of Massachusetts Iota Beta 1941
Babson College Sigma Mu 2005
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Theta Mu 2014
Northeastern University Epsilon Mu 2016
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