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I understand what you're saying, and do agree that it creates a long cumbersome process of constantly COB-ing if you are a chapter that is right on the line. You are at total and then one person resigns or transfers or leaves the chapter in any way, then you are under. I've witnessed it at chapters and it can be slightly stressful for the people in charge of membership and recruitment, as well as those responsible for the new member programs.

Perhaps some of it is to change stigma of informal recruitment, so that there aren't only one or two chapters that are typically recruiting that way, but depending on the campus, that could take some time.

Some campuses can do a two tiered reset, specifically those doing deferred recruitment and even some that do the regular, traditional fall formal are talking resetting again after the fall semester to account for those numbers. Some campuses have elected to use a formula for their total reset to be average or median less x% to account for a little attrition or graduation, but that is on a campus by campus basis.
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