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Originally Posted by thetalady View Post
OK buddy, time to get OFF the Internet and start interacting with people IRL. We don't know the answers to these very specific questions.

Be grateful for the bid. Sign it. Then go make friends with the members and other pledges. TALK TO THE MEN WHO WILL BE YOUR BROTHERS! Make an effort. Remember that until you are initiated, you are not a full fledged member. Pledges can still be released before initiation, so keep a good attitude and participate every time they have any kind of activity.

Now turn off the computer.
^^^What she said!
Because if you stay socially inept, brothers can and will release you
A house was nice enough to extend you a bid...take it and run with it
And step the hell away from the freaking keyboard
"OP, you have 99 problems, but a sorority ain't one"-Alumiyum
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