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Originally Posted by sociallyinept View Post
I have a bid at a house. I was contemplating signing it.

What happens after I sign? Do they confirm my class standing and all that? My standing shows I'm a senior due to credits but I worked my graduation plan out and I'm actually here for 2 years so I say junior (I explicitly told my rush chair I'm a junior).

I'm wondering if that will be an issue or if I just show them my stuff is in order?

Also, if I graduate during fall semester can I still stick around in the house until the year is up?
OK buddy, time to get OFF the Internet and start interacting with people IRL. We don't know the answers to these very specific questions.

Be grateful for the bid. Sign it. Then go make friends with the members and other pledges. TALK TO THE MEN WHO WILL BE YOUR BROTHERS! Make an effort. Remember that until you are initiated, you are not a full fledged member. Pledges can still be released before initiation, so keep a good attitude and participate every time they have any kind of activity.

Now turn off the computer.
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