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Tinder is basically how it works though. Attraction based off looks first and the "tinder effect" is pretty evident irl. Most girls are on tinder as it is - I was on there for 2+ years and didn't match. I'm not using it anymore because yeah, that and all online dating was so depressing. It sucks because its how you meet when you're not apart of a ton of social things and most people are on there.

No, I legitimately meant rating. I pretty much made a gig on places like fiverr/other sites and shelled out $40 to get my looks rated on a scale of 1-10 and asked whether I could even be attractive. I said I basically spiraled back into old habits and know it's not good for me but I pretty much was feeling terrible last night. And as embarrassing as it is, and yes I know its a extremely bad/dumb thing to do and probably a issue I spend so much time day dreaming about looking like certain people its ridiculous.

I don't feel compelled to talk to them in a certain way or for a certain length of time. I figure I can get by with just a simple hi or small introduction though. I'd rather not upset or annoy them. Yup, I'm trying to get involved I emailed the clubs. I think the lifting club meets early in the mornings so I'll head over there and hopefully catch a few of the guys

A nose job would be about $10k up to $15k depending on the surgeon. Ear pinning and size reduction would be around $5k. So I'd shell out $15k for that and probably be out for a week to two before getting back into it. Then I'd be out for a good 4-5 before doing real physical stuff. I might just schedule it over winter break, cancel the trip, and finance it though. There's no point in having a shitty college experience/life because of it.

The only real lengthy one is jaw surgery. They cut into the jaw, slide it, and screw it into a new position. The recovery is something like a few months before feeling ok I think.

Yup, like I said I deleted all that when I realized I wasn't going to be successful at all on them. I'm not sure about the grad/phd students but it's something I can probably find out since I'll have to book my first apt anyway. (prob will do tomorrow)

My hair looks really bad when it's long. It's wavy and dries out. I get it cut short and usually go to a decent salon and ask the person to cut it to whatever he/she thinks looks good on me. Adrien has a nice jaw and his nose isn't terrible on him.

Lol, third times the charm, staying off tinder noted.

It's not really 100% about getting women. It's just how I'm seen or how my interactions go including around guys. I totally get I can't make dirty jokes, certain comments, or act a certain way due to my looks that someone else could get away with. I get I can't really talk about women since most guys would call my bs. I also know how hard I'd get judged for failing to bring girls out or finding a GAD if I even managed to get into a house. It'd also be nice not to get a disgusted look every once in a while or go at least a few weeks without hearing something about my looks - probably my fault since I'm doing dumb stuff like rates or going to a bar or trying to get involved.
The part about getting women - yeah i'd be really nice to be able to take a girl out or go to a dance since it's something I've wanted to do since hs. And it'd be crazy nice to hear someone say I was desirable or decent looking, but i've said before, it is what it is.

Yeah I know personality matters. I totally agree, especially in the work force. Being confident and assertive takes you places. I wanted to work on it and it was one of the reasons I wanted to join a fraternity to develop better social skills.

and I keep on posting walls of texts sorry :/

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