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Originally Posted by postplatter View Post
fell back into a cycle of having girls rate my looks online which only made me feel worse.
Wait, what? Like Tinder? That App can be absolutely toxic if you don't have thick skin, and you should probably stop that ASAP. Sorry, I'm trying not to be insensitive, but if you know that you're self-conscious, why would you beat yourself up by asking girls to rate you? That seems counter to everything you should be doing by cutting the negative things out of your life.

I also second getting involved on campus - join Habitat for Humanity, join a gaming club, learn badminton or raquetball, join a sports club on-campus, get people to appreciate you for your other talents and qualities, not your looks. You can't really avoid girls, as they are 50% of the population, but if you find yourself interacting, don't be defensive. Be polite, but don't feel as if you are compelled to engage in witty conversation or that you HAVE to talk to them for a long period of time. A lot of times nervousness and overeagerness comes off as weird or creepy. Just what it is.

Good luck!
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