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Instead of multi-quoting on mobile which is a pain I'll respond via one post.

I'm not a troll.

I'm serious in that I'm ugly. I'm older (22) and won't be growing into my looks anymore. I take care of my looks extensively, like whitening my teeth, skin care, haircuts, eye brow threading, and working out. As for what makes me ugly it's unfixable unless I opt for a copious amount of surgery to a degree of like $40k. I have even thought about doing it- but if I rushed i would stay in school and use the money on dues.
But, it's gone as far as girls telling me I'm ugly and rating me a 3/10. I'd post everything it'd be a huge story and a sob story at that.

I want to rush to make friends, do volunteer work, and get the networking that comes from being in a fraternity. I'd love to be around actual people I can count on and get along with doing things I like. I can talk to guys just fine. However, I just know guys don't want a guy who cant get girls at all or a guy who gets made fun of for his looks by girls. That and it'd be disheartening hearing them tell me its a GAD or something. Could only imagine being at a party and hearing guys/girls talk about why I'm never talking to girls.

If I could simply avoid all the parties/events/etc involving the sororities I would. But that doesn't seem realistic, haha.

So, I'm just asking for advice on whether or not rushing would even be worth it?

As for my vocab that was called into question, it's just how I speak and type.

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