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The reason I chose to respond anyway is because there may be others who read this thread and can benefit from a little maternal or paternal advice about how to be dateable. Every woman here has had THAT guy after her. And probably all of us have seen THAT guy transform. Sadly, the biggest transformation I saw also turned the guy into a huge douche because he wasn't prepared for the change in attention he got, practically over night. It is tragically common for 18 year old boys to be awkward, still growing into their bodies, or have made the transition into looking like a grown up attractive guy but it's not who they're seeing in the mirror (dysmorphia isn't just for girls). Just ease up on the pressure, be the person people want to be around and go from there.

And as far as using odd turns of phrase, that could go right along with him being, to be rude and utterly blunt, a big ole dork. Which winds us back to work on yourself first, THEN work on getting girls. Or it could be that he's not a native American English speaker.
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