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Originally Posted by LaneSig View Post
Okay- this guy originally posted last night. I happened to see it and called "troll" because he used a term for himself that hasn't been used since the 1950s-60s. I asked a mod to delete the original thread.

If this is true, this person has more than just self-esteem problems. He has some serious psychological problems. I know folks are being kind right now. But if you had seen the original thread, you would be choosing to ignore him.
THIS. I saw it and your response and I agree(d). And in the current thread he used "chatting up" which tripped my ear (that's Speech Pathology talk) b/c linguistically it's not something young American males say. My thought is that this is still a troll.

side note: I came back to check on AgSis and a few other recruitment stories. My thought is that AgSis is way too busy with classes and enjoying her membership to finish her story. And I think the others may not have had happy endings so they have dropped out entirely. Again, just my thought.
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