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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
And as far as the girls, they are likely running away from desperation, not an ugly nose. For now just be nice to the girls you encounter. Don't try to ask them out and don't get sucked into doing stuff for them (that NEVER works to make an actual relationship). Get some counseling and work on building male friendships. The stuff with girls will come with time and improved confidence.
This - and please don't be nice to them FOR the sake of asking them out, and don't assume that because you're nice to them, you deserve to date them. Be nice to them to be a friend. Through building friendships, you will find you will develop confidence and self-esteem and will meet people who can and will be potential dates. But don't be a "nice guy" and then turn on them once you realize they're not interested in you romantically. Be a friend for the sake of being a friend.

That turned into a soapbox. Sorry, postplatter.
we are strong women.
strong in the courage of our convictions,
the confidence in our actions,
and the purpose in our hearts.
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