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Originally Posted by RedRover View Post
I am writing this on behalf of a young man that I know. He is a high school senior and will most likely be attending the flagship university in his state, a university with a strong Greek community. He is very interested in become a fraternity member. However, he is a member of the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka the Mormons.

He will turn 19 during his first year of college. At the age of 19, most Mormon men take two years to serve as a missionary.

He is wondering if he should attempt to pledge during his first semester of college, knowing that there might be the possibility that he won't be on campus for the next four semesters. It is possible that he might not be called to his mission until after he completes his second semester. Or should he wait until he completes his missionary service and pledge a fraternity when he returns to campus at the age of 21 or 22? What are the possibilities that the fraternities would be interested in a 21 year old pledge?

He might wait and see when he will receive his mission assignment with the possibility of attending community college for the first semester and then transferring to the flagship university after his mission.

The second question: Mormons don't drink liquor or consume caffeine. Will those limitations hurt his chances of getting any bids?

Any input or comments would be appreciation. Thanking everyone in advance
My wife is a Latter Day Saint, so I'm fairly up to date on some of this.

As of October 2012, the minimum age for going on a mission for men was changed from 19 to 18, (and at the same time, for women from 21 to 19), so he could put in his papers even before he sets foot on the campus of the 4 year school. But he given that he won't be able to put in his application for the 4 year school while on his mission, he may be looking at a semester at the CC even once he gets back. Some schools closer to the Mormon belt are familiar with the idea of someone putting in a semester or two and then going on a mission, farther away much less so.

Not that this directly affects Fraternity membership, but just some comments on the underlying situation...
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