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I can't speak to the specifics of fraternity rush- but much like sororities at ole miss- every fraternity on campus is great... and also much like sororities networking helps.

Yes- there are houses that already have "lists" made, and yes there are houses that are primarily made up of "boys from Jackson", "boys from the delta", "out of state boys", etc... Some of these guys have been networking since high school, coming up for parties, etc... and bottom line is fraternities are mainly looking for guys that they can hang out with and be friends with. It is not as competitive as sorority rush in that there is no quota (at least there use to not be)... BUT it is a very competitive atmosphere.

I HOPE you have been using this time leading up to recruitment to meet guys in the houses and going to any events that may be held- even if you are a "tag along" with a guy in your dorm. I don't say this to discourage you but to point out that yes you do need to know guys in the houses and they need to like you.

Heres a link from a few years back that you might find interesting...

Hotty Toddy and good luck- keep us posted.
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