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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post

And I know it's hard, but folks need to RESIST the urge to call the chapter houses to question recruitment results. Most of the time, you just end up unloading on whichever poor active sister just happened to walk past it.

When my mom was chapter president back in the dark ages (the drinking age was still 18 in Vermont!!), her younger sister went through recruitment at the University of New Hampshire and attended Preference round but did not receive a bid afterwards. She was called and offered a snap bid from a chapter she went to Pref with but she figured that they only wanted her for numbers if she hadn't matched with them in the first place, so she declined it. My mom told me she called the UNH Panhellenic president shouting and crying that her baby sister should have gotten a bid, because she would have been good enough to join ADPi if she'd gone through at UVM. It's just never a good idea, even if one's heart is in the right place.

Sidenote: I don't think it's even possible to "call" a chapter anymore and yell at a sister. We don't have a dedicated landline number for anyone to contact us with, instead listing emails as contact points on our chapter website. Maybe the inevitable march of technology has produced one good thing by insulating innocent sisters from angry family members and rec writers.
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