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I said this before, but active sorority members DO lurk here.

They may not post, but they definitely lurk.

That's worth keeping in mind when you come here saying "Well I heard XYZ dirty rushes." or "I am only interested in ABC."

Even if you disguise your school, they can figure it out.

Ex: I might not be able to tell that the SEC school you're describing is Alabama, but someone who goes to Bama can easily determine that. When you say "Well I go to an SEC school and a sorority just had a summer graduation rush party" I have no idea who that could be, but I bet a Bama student could read that and know you're talking about Sigma Phi Bama in two seconds.

There's also the issue of SAYING you will only join XYZ, having other sorority members see it, think you're not interested, and decide that they'll cut you.

These big schools have a finite number of invites already in terms of girls they know from HS, camp, etc. They don't have room for girls they KNOW are saying they want another group.
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