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Originally Posted by clemsongirl View Post
-Delta Zeta and Alpha Gamma Delta presented at University of Arkansas this past semester, no announcement's been made yet (which surprises me a lot considering they were shooting for a Fall 2015 colonization, but I digress).

-Phi Gamma Delta will be recolonizing at Clemson in Fall 2015.

-Alpha Sigma Tau is presenting at UMass-Amherst, and I read somewhere that Tri-Sigma was the other sorority presenting, but I don't know that. Maybe sigmagirl2000 would know since she is an alum of the school and still knows people there?

-Belmont still had AOII, Gamma Phi and KD present with still no report on who was chosen/if the school will even let a new group come on.

-The Sorority Extension Twitter said that the University of Houston-Downtown, which is different from the University of Houston, is open for extension. I couldn't find anything about UH-D's Greek life online-they don't even have a chapter listing-so I don't know which school is actually open. Obviously one account is not the be-all end-all of information but I think it's worth clarifying.

Sorry for the long post! Expansion/extension is my favorite thing about Greek life so I always have a lot of things to say about it
It is my understanding that it really is(was?) UH-Downtown and that this would be the first NPC chapter. I never heard if anyone showed interest. I was kind of assuming no one would.
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