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2015/2016 Colonies/Expansions/Charters/Closures

It's that time to start looking forward to the next year's expansions and charters. I'll start off this year thanking everyone for their information. I can't do this on my own. I greatly appreciation the help and kind words.

Speaking of information:

-Please cite a source if you have one. Facebook page, the official webpage of an organization, a campus Greek Life webpage, etc., are all acceptable.

-In the colony sections, I list the colonies that are for this school year (Fall '15-Spring '16). However, since IFC colonies often take 1-3 years before chartering, I will mark a colony from a previous year with an '*'.

-Stacked colonizations will be noted in the "Open for Expansion" section. If a group is supposed to colonize in Fall'16 or later, they will go in a later thread.

-As I've said in the past, I try to keep this list as accurate as possible. If I feel that a source is not reliable (not person, source), I will hold off until I can get another source to verify. So please don't be upset if I don't automatically put your posting that the Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial College is adding 15 organizations. I will.

-If you see something misspelled or the wrong school/organization listed, please post the correction or send me a pm.

Thanks everyone!
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