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Originally Posted by aephi alum View Post
Aside: The term "fraternity" is preferred to "frat", both here on GC and in real life.
Here on GC? Yes. In real life? Maybe. National organizations have come to discourage the use of "frat" (which wasn't always the case). But as noted before on GC, on some campuses, "frat" is perfectly acceptable in informal conversation. Where the OP is, it may be common and acceptable to use "frat," though I agree it may be better to use "fraternity" just to be on the safe side.

sadguy, I'm sorry for your disappointment. As others have said, no one here can tell why you didn't get a bid. We have no way of knowing. You can talk to some of the brothers or the pledge master, but they might not be able, or willing, to tell you either.

If you're still interested in rushing this fraternity next go around, continue to befriend brothers and show interest—without being obnoxious or creepy about it. But you might also want to start looking at other fraternities that might be worth rushing.

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