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Originally Posted by sadguy View Post
So I rushed a frat my first semester of freshman year and i got a bid but had to drop due to issues with my family the day after bid night. I talked to my pledge master and he said I can rush next semester and i did all the brothers seemed chill and acceptable when i told them that my issues were resolved and having my former pledge bros votes behind me i thought ill get a bid for sure but i didn't get one; even the guy who said he's not gonne pledge and was there just to check things out got a bid. why didn't I get a bid?
ps: people have dropped due issues with family and joined back again in this frat so i wasn't the only one with this situation.
No one will tell you the specific reason why you didn't get a bid this time around. Membership selection is secret.

You can always rush again. Meantime, make friends with the brothers, including the men who would have been your pledge brothers. You never know what will happen.

Aside: The term "fraternity" is preferred to "frat", both here on GC and in real life.
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