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They do have daughters, so the assumption is wrong. Many are also quite informed about the respective organizations. They are not bitter. They are calling the facts as they see them, which is probably a bit more objectively than you are doing at the moment. Two extremely good pieces of advice have been tendered that can be helpful to you and your daughter. First, don't overstrategize. That approach often backfires. However, don't allow the pendulum to swing the opposite direction with rose-colored glasses. Your daughter seems to be managing the process well thus far. Don't risk overstrategizing and later regrets. Second, repeating that your daughter seems to be managing the process well thus far; kudos to her. She seems from your description to have a level head, which is quite an attribute for an 18 year old. This is exactly what she needs. Encourage her to talk out her reasoning, which is often more important than coming up with "the answer". She's tackling the process well. Again, don't overthink and don't overstrategize. And avoid rose-colored glasses. It's a balancing act, and not an easy one -- particularly for IU.

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