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Originally Posted by ShadeTree View Post
Ah, the role of advisors. That topic could definitely be its own thread!

Finding and keeping well trained advisors is certainly a challenge for many organizations. And, the Fraternity and Sorority Life staffs at many schools are entry level student affairs professionals who are often inexperienced and unprepared to deal with this issue. I recently called one FSA about a sexual assault case and was told that they didn't really know much because the 'higher ups' were handling it.
See, this is the reason that we as organizations need to really push alumni involvement. I always make sure to push that idea to members of my organization because strong alumni volunteers make strong advisors. How can we expect there to be alumni volunteers if we don't promote that Greek Life is more than just four years? I think my organization is doing a great job promoting it but, I'd like to see the NPC overall promote this idea of a lifetime commitment--if possible. The same goes for the other councils.
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