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Originally Posted by als463 View Post
For all this stuff to be going on, I agree that there must not be too much leadership helping out. Don't these chapters on campus have advisors? I know very little about UVA and the campus culture but, I feel like having good advisors who have their fingers on the pulse of Greek Life there would be useful. This whole situation is just sad and I hate to see all of Greek Life get painted like this.
Ah, the role of advisors. That topic could definitely be its own thread!

Finding and keeping well trained advisors is certainly a challenge for many organizations. And, the Fraternity and Sorority Life staffs at many schools are entry level student affairs professionals who are often inexperienced and unprepared to deal with this issue. I recently called one FSA about a sexual assault case and was told that they didn't really know much because the 'higher ups' were handling it.
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