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Originally Posted by DrPhil View Post
This quote resonates: "Grab its motherfucking leg"
That is the part of the article that made my blood run cold.
Originally Posted by AOII Angel View Post
That and the complete lack of empathy displayed by students as UVA towards victims of sexual assault struck me as horrific. Dehumanize the victim and tell them that they should just get over it.
The young lady's supposed friends saying that she should keep quiet or else none of them would have a chance of becoming Greek reminded me of people who have been hazed (to the point of injury) being told by other aspirants/pledges to keep quiet because getting the chapter suspended ruins everyone's chances at membership. Or when women want to file sexual harassment complaints in the workplace and are scolded for "wanting a good man to lose his job." This mentality of "shut up and keep our happy little world happy" is prevalent across so many domains I could puke.
Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
ETA: One of the Cavalier articles says that it's not for sure that all seven men were fraternity brothers. Is this true?
In the article, the young lady said she heard one of the men say (paraphrase), "Don't you want to be one of us?" which made me think there was a pledge or aspirant in the group of perpetrators.
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