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Originally Posted by WCUgirl View Post
I don't understand how people think a former prosecutor, assistant attorney general, and federal district judge is unable to lead an impartial/unbiased investigation merely because he was a member of the fraternity at issue, despite having been initiated at an entirely different university.
It's pretty basic, actually. Appearances matter; it's necessary not only to avoid actual conflicts, but also any appearance of conflict. Otherwise, there's the real risk of a perception of an inadequate investigation at best and a cover-up to protect Phi Psi at worst—especially given the perception, which certainly has a basis in fact, that fraternity members stick together and protect each other.

Originally Posted by Low D Flat View Post
In fact, I'm shocked that Judge Filip apparently accepted the assignment in light of the appearance of conflict.
That was my very first thought—why in the world did he accept? How could he not have seen it would raise eyebrows? It's a no-brainer.
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