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Originally Posted by DrPhil View Post
^^^ My response to that article:

1. I want there to be fewer suggestions on what women should do to prevent this unless it will be matched by suggestions to men.

2. There are few, if any, articles written to men (in general) and fraternity men (in particular) on what to do to prevent themselves from being the perpetrator and from being the assistant to the perpetrator.

3. These incidents are in a GLO context but power struggles and community climates should be addressed beyond the GLO context. I believe more change happens when addressing both the larger issue and the GLO-specific issues.
Right now, the leaders on the UVA campus addressing this most serious issue are not GLO affiliated. And the organizations that have formed on campus addressing student rape are not what you would call "mainstream". The Greek Community on the UVA campus is most certainly mainstream. As is the student government organization to which many Greeks are elected. IMO it is in the interests of the campus Greeks to step up to the plate and demonstrate some leadership and get on board in a meaningful way.

In the best of all possible worlds it would be wonderful if young women didn't have to worry about being raped on campus due to the changes in the young men and the entire community was on board. But how realistic is this? If our daughter were currently on a college campus, I certainly wouldn't wait until the young men got on board to teach her self-preservation techniques. And would HOPE that there were support for her to employ these techniques on campus from her peers. And most certainly support for her should she be a victim.

It would be nice if we could be all things to all people, but we can't. Yes, there is a great deal of enabling behavior both on campus and off, including in police systems and the legal system. And even among alumni. And in this case the administration of the school. That must change as well. But about all we can do as individuals is within our own communities, including our GLOs.
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