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Originally Posted by WCUgirl View Post
A few things:

UVA didn't select him, Mark Herring did.

He wasn't selected to lead the fraternity investigation, he was selected to lead the university's policy revision. He was actually a very well-qualified candidate to do this, as his firm's profile page reflects (Kirkland Ellis).

I don't understand how people think a former prosecutor, assistant attorney general, and federal district judge is unable to lead an impartial/unbiased investigation merely because he was a member of the fraternity at issue, despite having been initiated at an entirely different university.
While he may very well be capable of being impartial, the allegations in this situation are serious enough that there needs to be no room for doubt in the eyes of the public so that whatever decision is reached is unimpeachable in its integrity. Membership in the fraternity in question is sufficient to cast doubt in the eyes of the public.
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