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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
All those are good ideas. But they can get twisted around. For example:

Girl is platonic friends with boy, boy calls her upset about this or that, girl goes to his fraternity house to help him talk it out, girl gets terminated because she wasn't accompanied by 5 sisters. Better women learn how to handle themselves and avoid averse situations without being shepherded by sorority rules.

Why were women supporting this fraternity at all?
Well, back in the dark ages when I was an active, a Chi O at the state's flagship university was abducted, raped, murdered, and then dumped in a field. Our chapter advisers were all over that horrific event. (We, the murdered Chi O and I, had been high school classmates, so it hit even closer to home for me. A male friend from high school was one of the group of young men who found her.) There were no rules, per se, but many firmly stressed guidelines and given over a period of time and often repeated. There was some initial eye-rolling, but we took them seriously. An alternative to meeting an upset young frat friend at his house would be to meet elsewhere or even at the sorority house.

I don't know why young women were supporting this fraternity. I suppose they wanted to be seen as being "cool". In their minds this was considered a "top tier" frat. And also the fear of being blamed by other students. The lack of support for victims among other students is appalling.
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