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Is there really a full time college student out there who could be academically successful while working as a football or basketball player for a University which makes millions off these young people?
Yes. Look at Stanford. Look at the handful of players like Tennessee's QB, who IS an aerospace engineering major. (You can find them at Northwestern, etc.). The schools just have to be serious about going after athletes who have the skills and inclination to handle it all. The vast majority of schools are willing to sell out academics to get better players/employees. That's particularly sad with schools like UNC that have terrific reputations and turn away a lot of smart, hard-working STUDENT applicants.

There are actual student-athlete conferences, too. Are there data showing that big-conference scholarship football players spend more hours per week practicing etc. than those in the Ivy League? I mean, maybe they do, but it seemed to me that our Ivy football players were working at least a full time job. There were non-athletes doing it too; I knew a student who was a full-time dancer with a professional ballet troupe while an undergrad.
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