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When I was at Michigan, the Michigan Daily student newspaper did an "expose" on the football and basketball team members' majors and admission statistics. The school had cut many of the undergraduate education programs (elementary education, for example), but they kept PE. The gist of the article was they had to keep PE for the athletes. It also stated that any admitted student who didn't meet the standard HS GPA and ACT score was automatically admitted to the PE program. Then it included the percentages of student athletes who fell into that admission category, and the percent of PE majors who were student athletes. Surprise...a very, very high correlation between the two. The conclusion was that while many teacher prep majors had been cut, PE remained for the major purpose of housing student athletes. Now there is a "general studies" major that seems to be popular, if going by the football game program roster is any indication.

However, I'm always incredibly impressed by the team members who do have difficult majors, and especially those who can pull off academic honors, given the incredible demands on their time. Desmond Howard was a graduate student when he won the Heisman.
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