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My alma mater had rigorous classes. I am not saying that because I am a snob, but because I looked high and low for easy classes my damn self!

That said.... I knew that I would perform slightly better in a class that had athletes in it. That sounds terrible to say aloud. But I do feel that I was from a similar academic background as that of the varsity basketball players and there was NO WAY I could possibly perform worse than them. And I KNEW they were going to pass, so I would pass even better than them.


I don't think it was the classes that were easier. I think it was that the professors knew I was trying twice as hard with half the help.

Basketball had an academic coordinator.

They had access to earlier assessments, referrals, and interventions - so they would come to school practically the first day with all necessary accommodations (if they needed them) like note-takers, tutors, etc.

They didn't all have these things, but they had people who would refer them sooner.

I likely had a learning disability in math, but nobody ever caught that and said hey, this kid might need extra help. But I also didn't make the school millions of dollars.
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