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Originally Posted by FuzzieAlum View Post
Oh man. I just heard a law professor tell her class that Pennsylvania has a brothel law and therefore there are no sorority houses in the state.

Originally Posted by candygirl200413 View Post
I get the same thing! I go to school in VA and people are like "the reason our campus won't get sorority housing is because of the brothel law, it's so annoying!" and im like well I guess someone should tell W&M, UVA and Virginia Tech because they definitely missed the memo!
Originally Posted by naraht View Post
It would be nice if we could verify that every state does have sorority housing as part of debunking it. I quickly checked Wyoming, because that state only has one school with Greek Life (or the potential for Greek Life) and that one isn't a problem to verify. .

Still like to be able to contact that law professor...
It likely would never be a state issue to begin with - it would be a city or county ordinance. Detailed land use and planning laws are usually enacted at the local level, though you may have state laws that influence land use policy-making and governance in a broad way.
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