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Delta Delta Delta Pledges Millions to St. Jude Research Hospital

On July 4, 2014 Delta Delta Delta announced the largest fundraising goal in the history of the fraternity. Tri Delta has pledged to donate, in ten years, the sum of 60 million dollars.

Since 1999 Tri Deltas have provided funds for the teen room, patient care floor and the specialty care building. The last fundraising goal was $15 million in 5 years, which was raised in over 3 years.

Sisters are on the staff of the hospital, visit patients, assist with the teen prom and provide other volunteer services. Some collegiate members are now undergoing treatment at St. Jude's.

Tri Delta's philanthropies also include Children's Cancer Charities as well as St. Jude Research Hospital. The Tri Delta Foundation provides scholarships and support for collegiate and alumnae.

Many children's cancer patients are now having positive outcomes due, in part, by research at the hospital.
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