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Originally Posted by seaquin View Post
I'm glad this kind of nepotism and favoritism doesn't exist in my organization.
Please don't try to sound holier than thou on this one. When I was an undergrad, I may have had the same feelings you do now, but I've really changed my mind in the last few years. There's a reason they say "it's not what you know, it's who you know".

First of all, the power of pre-existing relationships and networking IS happening in your chapter - just on a different level. Calling it "nepotism and favoritism" is making an issue black and white that is far from it. You're also implying that women are being robbed of something, like a spot in a top chapter that they have the "stats" for. We've already gone over this- recruitment is not about some absolute list of good, better, best PNMs - it's about personality fit and so very many intangibles.

Additionally, why would you ever demean the importance of having someone be able to vouch for you? Even with something like a job interview or school admissions, there are far too many intangibles (like personality, determination, work ethic, etc) that are hard to completely vet in an application process. That's why so many jobs are filled by applicants who are recommended by an employee.

Networking is a powerful life skill and life tool. It has a legitimate place in most orgs.
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