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^^^ Wow.

I agree with you. I do think that sometimes they are just checking off their to-do list and forget the details in the process, not to mention good manners.

PNMs: Virtually every organization has a section on their rec that includes something about the PNMs character/personality/presentation/maturity/insert non-resume adjective here. Remember that how you interact with your rec writers is already putting forth your first impression with those writers. While I don't think there are many women who would write "she sucks at introductions," a PNM who exhibits appropriate manners and appreciation when soliciting recs will likely get some gushing in that same section.

To add to the thread, our APH's update for 2014 sadly has to include "do not send selfies." Never in a million years would I have guessed that we would have to add that to our instructions. Unbelievable what we were getting.
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