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I saw a different quill like that a while back which was numbered A-1384. There was a discussion in another thread about it. I'll see if I can find it.

ETA: The quill that I saw was the member's badge from 1974. And a Balfour badge.

AZ-AlphaXi gave reasoning: "Sometimes replacement quills had odd numbering. Also on occasion alumnae initiates had A followed by a number."

raelee said: "I was initiated back in 1980. The quill badge that I received after I was initiated has an A -####. I purchased a pearl quill after I graduated. It was presented to me at Province Convention in 1983. It has a B-####. Neither set of numbers is my member number."

AOII Angel gave this reasoning: "AOII went through a twenty year phase, probably while we were with Balfour, when our badges only had A- random number engraving. The letters went up to I. There is supposedly a list at headquarters that is poorly indexed matching up members with their badge number. In the late 80s, we went back to initials, chapter letters and initiation date."

I think it was determined that for the period of time when Balfour was the manufacturer of our quill, AOII's badge, and Sigma Kappa's badge, that was their numbering system

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