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Originally Posted by TSteven View Post
Housing and Residential Communities at Alabama.

As I understand it, if you sign up for Alabama recruitment (rush week), and you have university housing, you should be able to move in to your housing at that time.

I am not certain, but I believe that no "first year" (incoming freshman, transfers etc.) live in any GLO houses their first semester (maybe not at all for the first year). So you should contact UA regarding housing now.

Regardless, your best bet is to contact Alabama Housing directly and ask them your questions about student housing.
You will not be allowed to live in the house when you pledge at Alabama. Depending on your class, you may end up not living in at all. So, there is nothing to worry about your first year. it will all depend on your particular chapter's rules as to when you would be allowed to live in. With so many members and so few rooms, most have a priority plan for who gets the privilege of living in. And if you sign up for campus meal plan, it will transfer to the sorority if you join one.