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Originally Posted by owlette19 View Post
Sorry, but my username actually has nothing to do with owls being one of the symbols of the sorority... last I checked, they're related to a lot more than just Kappa... but hey, thanks for jumping to conclusions and getting pissed about it.

1. Although I am aware that it is a Kappa symbol, that's not why it was chosen. Like, nothing to do with it. Seriously.
2. I'm not focused solely on Kappa, Kappa was just the only one I couldn't find information about, so I thought I'd ask. Other sororities that I looked at had the information plainly available on their websites, so I didn't need to ask anyone about them.
3. I didn't have the opportunity to go greek in undergrad. It just isn't something available to everyone, although I really wish that it had been available to me.
To your first point, I said that I was irritated by your username, not pissed off. If I had been pissed off, I would have said something along the lines of "Kappa does not do AI, but thanks for appropriating one of our symbols in your username, you presumptuous twit." But I didn't say that.

I do know that Kappa does not reserve the rights to all things owl. We have to share with our Panhellenic sisters of Chi Omega and Mother Nature.

Perhaps a better way for you to broached your question would have been to have chosen a username free of owls, lions, pandas, anchors,angels, kites, arrows, penguins, giraffes, etc. (in other words, generic) and then said something like this:

Hi! I'm generic username. I was unable to pursue sorority membership while I was an undergraduate. Consequently, I am now interested in AI. During the course of my research, I have found information about AI for many sororities, but I have not been successful in finding out if this is an option for Kappa Kappa Gamma. Does Kappa allow AI? Thanks for your help!

Generic username

Kappa has had her fair share of weirdos and stalkers, so your post set off an alarm with me.

Good luck in your pursuit of AI!
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