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Originally Posted by pinksequins View Post
Owlette, it is a perfectly reasonable conclusion for the GCers to draw and undeserving of your snippy reply. At best, your selection of a user name was a bit unwise. I will draw your attention to post #3. Read it again carefully and consider what very strong ties you have with an organization.

Good luck with grad school. That is probably where your focus should be.
I think their response was a little snippier than need be as well. For all anyone knows, it could have something to do with my family, or with a different organization. Anyway, I didn't come here to argue about my username. What my username is is irrelevant to this post, and it's very silly to argue, or get offended, by it. I'm sorry if anyone on here was offended because it's a Kappa symbol, but please accept my explanation that it wasn't chosen having to do anything with Kappa.
Thank you to anyone who answered my question. I only came here looking to find out about something I thought might be a potential option for me, and make sure I had accurate information about it. I appreciate your help.
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