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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
A friend of mine who went to Georgetown was astounded at this information, but she said the school has changed some longstanding policies. For instance, they didn't have a foundation until relatively recently. And when I told her that there are studies that show Greek members donate to their alma maters in larger proportion than their non-Greek counterparts, she thought it seemed logical. Of course, the school didn't have an official say in this process, but was there maybe a tacit acceptance? Or at least a fully mild condemnation? Did the school make a statement about the colony?

eta/I don't mean foundation... the money the school raises to support the institution (give scholarships) over the long haul. My brain is fried today.
Do you mean endowment?

If so, my first job out of college was in the Office of Advancement, and while I don't remember how old the endowment it, it is definitely true that the school didn't get into the fundraising game until many years after its peer institutions.

For what I know, the school hasn't changed any policies. There have been Latino GLOs since 96 and Black GLOs since the late 70s. Students have always had the right to association with whatever off-campus entities they wanted. So yes, tacit acceptance.

Also, certain people who were anti-Greek in the administration have retired.

What I can't explain is where they hold activities since only certain organizations get "Access to Benefits" and room reservation is one of them. (Although I don't believe that applies to reserving lounges in dorms, but at this point I'm just rambling)
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