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Originally Posted by Dazed&&Confused View Post
I was a zeta interest for 2 years but during the last 6 months I have realized that I am not a Zeta phi beta woman at heart. I read the book In Search of sisterhood over the summer and my eyes were opened and heart is wanting to be a member of DST. Out of a pure moment of craziness I wrote a very detailed letter to the women of DST expressing my interest in their organization and explained why I am no longer interested in ZPhiB and with shaking hands pressed send! I was never rejected by the Zetas, this is my first semester eligible to be a member of any sorority. I also expressed in the letter that I have ruin all my chances to be a member of anything but DST by sending that letter. I am wondering what do you think my chances are of being considered to be a member of DST? Even if I'm not considered I will not be pledging anything at, I just want to know your thoughts on this.
Since I see you have posted your same question multiple times: We do not discuss membership on this forum. I suggest you continue to research, and look around your specific campus/community for the answers you seek. It will make your life easier.
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