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Originally Posted by DesertRose View Post

I just recently joined the GC forum and have been reading through many of the discussions. I appreciate the willingness to help and the candor of the GC members.

I am looking for some advice regarding OOS PNMs. Next year, my daughter will be attending an OOS university and will be going through Recruitment as a freshman. Recruitment week is prior to when school starts and she will have little opportunity to meet any members prior to Recruitment. We have a very strong Greek background in my family (14 of the women went Greek), and she is a legacy at two of the sororities where she will be attending and has a relative in three others. I will be working with her to obtain recs for all of the groups.

Are there any suggestions that you may have to help her with making connections prior to Recruitment?


Also - is it better to have recs from local alumni or from alumni in the area where the University is located? Some of the recs that she will have will be from alumni that do not know her personally.

My daughter just finished a very successful (though not flawless) recruitment at an SEC school as an OOS PNM. Until she started recruitment, she essentially knew no one at her university. While I completely agree that personal connections could have worked in her favor -- particularly between the third round and pref (where she saw the most significant cuts), she was able to have a very good week -- including a full schedule through the entire process -- and landed a great chapter that's absolutely the best place for her.

I believe my daughter's success was due to a very strong GPA, a solid resume of activities that included both volunteering and school activities, and having recs for every chapter. She also kept an open mind throughout the process and didn't let minor disappointments -- like finding her first back up chapter on her schedule instead of a favorite -- affect her.

There are some things that your daughter is not going to be able to change in the next 12 months. My guess is that "personal connections" might be one of those. If that's the case, I'd suggest that you encourage your daughter to maximize the factors she has more control over -- grades, activities, finding personal recommendations, and honing conversation skills. Just my two cents . . .
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