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It wouldn't be outing you too much to say this if this is the SEC, the big 12, etc. It makes a difference. And by OOS, how out of state? Missouri going to Alabama, Ohio to Tennessee or more like California going to Ole Miss? The closer you are to the school, the more likely you are to find connections. Some of these big southern schools are reaching a much broader population every year; and every year more OOS are getting bids. You might be surprised to find who you know there.

Just like people are told on this site over and over to reach out to people for recs, you need to take the next year to do the same in making personal connections, be it with the NPC girls who may be from your hometown, or local alums that may have a connection to one of your 14 greek family members. Keep digging to find it if your daughter is to have a better than average recruitment next year. With all the neccesary requirements (grades, activities, recs, etc) and no personal connections, she will likely have some choices, but not as many as the well connected girls. Sadly it just comes down to sheer volume of girls in the mix.

We were in a similar boat as you a few years ago, and worked hard to make a handful of connections, most of them with one chapter. Ultimately, this is where my daugher ended up.

In my mind, it just seems like the population of legacies is getting bigger every year, particularly in the SEC. This fall, we have watched several high quality hometown girls get dropped by double and triple legacy houses where the mom, aunt or grandmother attended. They counted on the legacy connection being enough and sadly, it just isn't enough anymore.
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