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Originally Posted by DesertRose View Post

I just recently joined the GC forum and have been reading through many of the discussions. I appreciate the willingness to help and the candor of the GC members.

I am looking for some advice regarding OOS PNMs. Next year, my daughter will be attending an OOS university and will be going through Recruitment as a freshman. Recruitment week is prior to when school starts and she will have little opportunity to meet any members prior to Recruitment. We have a very strong Greek background in my family (14 of the women went Greek), and she is a legacy at two of the sororities where she will be attending and has a relative in three others. I will be working with her to obtain recs for all of the groups.

Are there any suggestions that you may have to help her with making connections prior to Recruitment?


Also - is it better to have recs from local alumni or from alumni in the area where the University is located? Some of the recs that she will have will be from alumni that do not know her personally.
I'm not suggesting that you out her school, but without knowing it, it makes it somewhat difficult to answer this.

If she is going through recruitment at say, the University of Texas, and she didn't go to camp in the hill country or graduate from the right high school, she would have a real uphill battle. If she's going to the University of Illinois, it wouldn't matter much at all.

Having said that, she can't help that she doesn't have those connections, so there's no point dwelling on it now. Does her school have a Panhellenic Preview weekend for HS seniors or an orientation/campus visit program? At some schools this can be a valuable way to meet greek women on campus.

If that is also a no, try to get recs from women who personally know her. A letter written on her behalf by someone who knows her well could be weighted much more than a form that a stranger filled out. She does have time to introduce herself to alumnae, chat with them, answer any questions they have, etc.

Also, be sure her legacy forms are sent in for the applicable groups.

Additionally, keep in mind that OOS PNMs are getting placed at an extremely high rate all over the country. But, like all PNMs, she must be open to any and all groups on campus. If the ABCs only want in-state girls from Camp Mystic and Highland Park, she better be open to the DEFs who are willing to give her a chance.
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