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Grade reports at Arizona don't count members abroad, or not in school for that semester. It can be misleading if you're looking at Total. And there isn't a breakdown by class, only by Active and New Member classes. One spring it seemed like 30% of the chapter went abroad or took off a semester for an internship!

As for retention, it's tricky to attribute. One recent NM class was absolutely incredible, and about 60% of them weren't there at graduation. I did an analysis and the primary reasons were (in this order) (1) transferred to another college/university (2) graduated a year early, which is amazing to me (3) resigned their membership. The last category had five members in it out of a pledge class of *cough* (don't want to get too specific here for reasons of privacy). Let's just leave it at this: it was a very small percentage of the original new member class.
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