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I can definitely attest to this. I got cut yesterday from all but two sororities, and they were the two I didn't like. But I went back and gave them a try and they were actually better today. Sometimes it's a matter of getting the right person. No matter what, you should keep an open mind. I don't know why the other ones cut me. It could have been my GPA, how I looked, my interests, or they could have just not needed Juniors or wanted to take on the risk of a junior. It really just depends. At the end of the day, it's nothing personal. Often times you end up on the bottom of the list, and you just receive the big cut along with a lot of other girls who were above and below you. What matters are the ones who invited you back. They obviously saw something of interest in you. They know best what fits their sorority and if they can see you as a sister, maybe you should give them a chance and see them as sisters
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