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Another observation:
A lot of the same experiences I shared and still experience with my Beta sisters and with my Amby (Student Ambassadors) family are what I was looking for in NPC sorority life.
I've been to formals and socials and parties, spent nights getting dolled up with upteen girlfriends, we study together, and experienced the new member periods and go for late night runs for food, we've seen each other at our best and at our worst. We also share traditions and rituals and retreats and memories galore. Two of my Beta sisters graduated from school and the Ambys this year....and they passed on something special to me after they'd BOTH graduated, with the instruction to pass it on down to one of our fellow Beta/Amby sisters when I graduate next May since she will still be a student here. They'd received the object from an Amby before them, who received it from an Amby before THEM.

It was such a 'simple' thing.....but the meaning behind what they gave me....I just started to cry right then and there. And THAT was when I came to truly and utterly love the place in which I ended up.

They're not the same exact experiences, but you cannot make A peg fit into C hole. It just causes trouble, chaos and....shall we say it....doesn't make anything better. C peg fits into C hole perfectly and when you relax and enjoy (and don't forget about school! That comes first!) things will fall into place for you. I promise.
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