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I think a lot of what you said is good advice.

You go on to talk about how you started out trying to make Beta more NPC like and how much trouble that caused you guys as newer members.

I would highly suggest that any PNM who chooses to join a non-NPC after recruitment AVOID doing that.

NPCs and orgs like Beta are apples to oranges. They are not similar.

They both have Greek letters but that's kind of where the similarities end.

It's important for PNMs to realize that you cannot substitute Beta, Alpha Phi Omega, etc. for an NPC experience.

Should you choose to join one of those, it's important to DIVORCE yourself from the expectation that your experience in this org is going to be like Delta Gamma, Chi O, etc. It's not.

If you spend all of your time trying to make Beta/APO/etc. like the orgs you didn't get a bid to, you're going to end up missing the point of your org entirely.

You're also going to end up alienating women who don't WANT BSPhi/APO to be like XO and are okay with it being WHAT IT IS.

Ex: If APO doesn't do Greek Week, and you join APO and constantly push for them to do Greek Week "like the sororities" you are going to start annoying people who REALLY DIDN'T JOIN APO FOR THAT.

So just recognize that these orgs are not a bandaid for a failed recruitment. They have their own things going on and you need to alter your expectations in order to fully appreciate them.
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