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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post

Right. The "Do you know?" game is not a "personal connection," it's name-dropping which is annoying.

Additional advice:

Be aware of those "red flag" negative connections you have going into recruitment. They can tank you faster than anything else can (with certain chapters), even you think it was "forever ago."

Let's take your Fatty Patty example. You called this girl Fatty Patty under your breath all through junior high. Fast forward to recruitment. Patty is now a member of Phi Beta Popular. You've got yourself a problem. Yes, it was middle school, but unless Patty is over it (if it was traumatic enough, she might not be), they're not really campaigning to bring you back.

Your associations are important. Your crew senior year was full of rude snotwitches? Girls from your HS in Phi Beta Popular might assume you behave just like your crew did (even if it's college now and you're "a whole new person.")

I mention HS because for a lot of PNMs, that's last year and it's very possible that those things follow you. And they might not even be TRUE, but when a chapter is working with limited invites/time, these sort of things might not work in your favor.
Okay, so what would you recommend a PNM do in these situations? How do you damage control? Bring it up? Hope no one remembers?
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