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Originally Posted by HQWest View Post
We usually get a couple that transfer or that say they are dropping because of costs. There is always one person that says they are dropping because they have a really difficult major. This 2nd is really odd because the officers they have to sit at tell they are withdrawing are usually pre-med.

The truth is usually a combination of factors that usually includes while they like service they don't like someone telling they have to do service or they like parties but they don't like someone telling them they should go to a particular party. They don't like being required to go to chapter every week but then they get upset because they feel disconnected from their pledge class (cause they don't go to chapter every week or they scheduled a class during chapter.)

The other thing that I think contributes to a drop off between the number that pledge and the number that graduate is that CPC recruits women by saying "its a great way to meet people!" and "Find a home away from home!" Once girls have established themselves on campus and have made their core group of friends they don't always necessarily see a need to continue. On a campus that doesn't have a house or where not many women live in, its even easier to look at that cost as being an additional expense.

In that case - they aren't seeing the big picture - lifelong opportunities and friendships, a lifeline or a connection wherever you may end up either for family or career reasons, because they are thinking about it in the immediate situation.
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