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And to pile on, Most Popular is so about rumor and history. Girls who don't know anything about any of the chapters get to rush, spend an hour with their rush group and suddenly know, KNOW that the Pi Pi Perfects are the only one for them. First, they don't know that. Second, in a school where there are 15+ chapters, seriously you think there can only be 1 best chapter? That 1 chapter wins Greek Week, Homecoming, Derby Days, Anchor Splash and flag football? It just doesn't work that way. So therefore, Best is too elusive a thing to waste your time on. If every chapter is making the numbers (thinking Bama and Auburn as examples here, and I think all of their chapters are at or close to parity), they all make good grades (they do), they all participate in everything (they do), they all have mixers, etc. etc., you need to get over it about who is best.

What this boils down to is the Pi Pi Perfects may require you, by sheer requirements of RFM to be known personally by at least 1 chapter member and probably 2 or 3. But probably 12 of the 15 chapters at my theoretical school will probably be perfectly cool with you being out of state or not having attended the right camp. We are NOT talking about you having to accept the "ok, they really suck but we're supposed to sound panhellenic" chapter. STOP THINKING ABOUT TIERS AND YOU'LL BE FINE.

But in conjunction with the importance of personal connections is the importance of conversation. You can make up for a myriad of sins, mediocre grades, insufficient recs, meh looks, by having a sparkling personality and an easy wit. And this IS a skill that can be learned. Memorable in a good way is what you REALLY need to focus on and is one of the few things you can control when you're 1 month away from rush.
"Traveling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. ~ Ibn Battuta
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