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After I finished my masters, I spent a year or two as a Greek advisor. It was a job I loved, but it did not mesh with three children in elementary school. I remember attending a good many IFC meetings and discussing with the men that it was to their advantage to encourage women going through Panhellenic recruitment to go Greek without any benefit of which was the only (in the individual fraternity member's eye) chapter to join. I pointed out that the Greek system was small and that the experience to be had by any sorority member was essentially the same in any of the chapters. The groups all did the same things (Greek sing, talent show, homecoming floats, formals, etc.) I tried to point out that the more women who became members of the Greek system, the more it would help grow the system; the men would likely benefit from any gains made by Panhellenic. The fewer women who were heartbroken that they did not get the choice encouraged by the misguided fraternity men in their lives and who then dropped out or declined their bid would mean that fewer women would go back to their residence halls to badmouth Greek life. It seemed fairly obvious to me that the men hadn't really thought this out.

The compelling fact is the experience to be had in any of the 26 NPC groups is essentially the same. Membership is what you make of it. Many, many moons ago, a Panhellenic friend made a comment that has always resonated with me. She described another member of her chapter as being like a comfortable pair of shoes. And I started using that analogy. Stop in the shoe department of any department store and you'll see all sorts of beautiful and magnificent shoes. There are shoes that catch your eye or seem so full of exotic delights. When you try on a shoe that truly feels comfortable, you sense it. You know it will get you through all sorts of adventures. Sometimes that comfortable shoe isn't the one you first saw when you entered the department, but once you try it on you just know that it was meant for you.
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